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Director of Technical Architecture

As a technical member of an investment team, worked in close partnership with Quant and Fundamental fund management teams, to manage, architect and build an enterprise wide investment management platform and decision support system (ref. to as Vision), which was utilized by investment professionals, ranging from the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Managers to Business Analysts. The Vision system included but not limited to a Portfolio Construction, Patterning, Sleeving, Rebalancing, and Analytics, Trade Optimization Management System, and a large scale Security Master Data (MDM) and Security Reference Data.

  • Managed the design and development of a performance measurement and attribution System, which was utilized by the CIO, Portfolio Managers, and Portfolio Analysts to analyze and evaluate the management effect of the Equity and Fixed Income portfolio’s relative performance to its benchmark.

  • MDM - Mastering Data Management: Build and maintained a Security Master from multiple data sources, with multiple identifiers and classifications.  Security asset types included: 102,000 Equity, 110,000 Fixed Income, and 4000 Derivative securities, and security classifications, included Sector, Industry, Sub-Industries, and their relevant roll-ups.

  • Data Integrity and Governance - Ensured data consistency across different data feeds, within each record, and across time and database.

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