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Vahid Atefi Aghayan

Vahid is an Information Management leader and trusted Advisor to the business leaders, assisting them in navigation through complex data landscapes, and choosing the appropriate technological solutions, from innovative emerging technologies to well-established conventional systems.


He has been operating with the simple professional philosophy that technical solutions should be an integral parts of streamlining the business processes, reduce risks, and increase business growth.


For nearly three decades, he has strived to build systems that simply and organically address a wide range of complex problem domains, ranging from Robotics in Factory Automation, to Telecom and Asset Management. For a large part of past twenty-five years, he has focused on meeting the needs and strategic goals of Financial Services clients, ranging from C-level executives, to Investment Managers, and Sales and Distribution professionals.


He has a strong commitment to data management principles that promotes a cohesive operating environment between cross functional organizations within an enterprise.


Vahid has the ability to find resolutions in conflicting situations by focusing on common interests. 

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