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Vahid Atefi Aghayan

An Information and Data Management leader with intellectual honesty and an unwavering commitment to enabling my clients to excel at their jobs. For over 25 years, I have a proven record of building relationships and fostering partnerships between disparate groups and teams, by keeping the focus toward the common goals, and providing simple and organic solutions to complex business problems. With strong communication skills, have supported a broad range of stakeholders and clients, from C-level Executives and Portfolio Managers to Airline Schedulers.


A quick learner, with experience in a broad spectrum of industries ranging from Factory Automation to Airline Command and Control, to Telecommunications, and with an emphasis in Investment Management; most recently responsible for the Sales and Distribution data all Columbia Threadneedle Financial Products.


As a hands on leader of a team of Data Analysts and Data Cleaning professionals, managing the process for Acquiring, Cleaning, and Summarizing sales data from multiple internal and external sources, for different time intervals and at multi-levels of granularity. Employed modern BI techniques and Data Visualization tools to provide a better insight to multiple business stakeholders to drive Sales Optimization across the entire Institutional and Retail Distribution Channels. Have collaborated with IT organization to enable integration of CRM’s Sales and Marketing Activity data with Sales Transactions and AUM.


Working toward establishing a Data Strategy roadmap for distribution of funds that will include enhancing capabilities to centralize common data objects and cataloging the data semantic layer, and maintaining reliable data for easy self service analytics and dashboards for decision making.

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