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Data Management Components

Data Storage

Different storage types:

  • Transactional/OLTP databases

  • Structured Analytical/OLAP in Enterprise Data Warehouses

  • Big Data / Unstructured Data in Data Lakes

  • Structured, Semi-Structured & Unstructured Data in Data Hubs

OLTP Databases


Data Lake

Data Hub

Data Quality

Data Quality and Consistency is the most important segment of Data Management Discipline. These are some tools and practices to ensure, quality, consistency and visibility of the Enterprise Data Assets.

Data Governance


Metadata Management

Data Analysis

Data Analytics can range anywhere from traditional BI Reporting to Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization. 

To empower the business users, we need to employ a verity and combination of tools and techniques. 


Advanced Analytics

Predictive Modeling

Data Visualization

KPIs & Reporting

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